Morning In Victoria

Cinnamon coffee brewed. First sip, taste buds singing. Outdoors. Forest scents float on crisp, cool air saturating my lungs, oxygen like liquid diamonds inhaled, exhaled, inhaled, exhaled, deeper, inhaling, exhaling, s-l-o-w-e-r, in, out. Then, as if scripted, sunlight peeks with squinted eye over the tops of evergreen trees, gazing/washing over me. Light and heat wrap around me creating a sense of awe for such a visitation. My heart welcomes this invasion of creation's majesty. My eyes turn upward in thanksgiving for I have been chosen for this moment to touch eternity from this space in time. This is my morning.


Love's Sweet Savor

The moment hung in the the air, unreal, like a page from a masterpiece of fiction. Her chocolate eyes, brimmed with glistening tears, smiled, yes, smiled, at the sudden unfolding of love's sweet savor. His meticulous care and depth of purist selflessness broke through her well-walled heart to a place long since forgotten and filled with betrayal's dark water. An emptying ensued. Love's sweet savor began to fill her heart with the fragrance of newfound hope. He lightly touched her cheek and the caress went deep into the broken places of her being. Life was born again.   



I don't do CoMpLiCaTeD well. SIMPLICITY is my preferred manner of living. Oh well, such is life. I will live it well enjoying simplicity when possible and working through complication when encountered. 



Blink of an Eye

Talk. Connect. Friend. Hug. Dance. Laugh. Cuddle. Smile. Affection born. Blink of an eye.


Dirty Hands

When a man plants a garden, something gets reconnected.
Deep masculine stirrings, that he had long rejected.

Since Adam was formed,
Men have loved the land.
That's why there's manly joy,
When we have dirty hands.

(Thanks God for the bounty of the earth.)